Weddings in Jubilee Christian Church Int’l

The devil is afraid of the home, particularly Christian homes no wonder he strives so hard continually to destroy it.
The corruption and the damage to the social system and behavioral pattern of a nation arose from home.
After God, the next thing is the home, not the ministry, your job, your car or whatever, for this reason He makes marriage a covenant rather than a loose arrangement.
Unfortunately man has reversed this order; little wonder therefore is the great disorder in his life.

God places a great premium on family as a way of extending His kingdom on earth; hence He holds every man and woman accountable for its success or failure.
You cannot afford to fail in this great commitment and responsibility.

Here in Jubilee Christian Church International, we encourage every couple planning to marry to go through a series of lessons specifically put together to prepare them for the journey ahead. This class is called “The Journey into Oneness”

Please call the Office @ 919-484-0707 to find out more and make appointment for the classes.