The Jubilee Young Adult Ministry (JYAM) is a fellowship of young adults; strong in the Spirit and developing their walk with God! We are an example of Christ-like living in conversation, service, worship and prayer.
The JYAM family is classified into two smaller subgroups to better accommodate our needs at this particular time in our lives: Campus Ministry (college students), and Young Professionals (graduate students and professionals).

What makes JYAM unique?

We LOVE to have fun! We are a living testimony that the church loves to, and can have fun! Throughout the year we host skating parties, bowling parties, beach trips, house parties and the list goes on. Let’s just say, we love to party and conveniently, we always have something to celebrate – the goodness of God! For more about JYAM or how you can become a member, please contact us at
One of the many advantages of being a part of JYAM is that we have members from all walks of life in terms of education, experiences, and expertise who may serve as great resources for you. We also have several opportunities for you to develop your talents, leadership skills, and to fulfill God’s calling for your life. JYAM has a dance ministry, choir, and drama team, with open doors to all people who want to join, regardless of experience.

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