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Transportation Ministry

This is the logistic arm that ensures effective an efficient movement of Parishioners, workers, and Pastors, from one point to the other. They also ensure that vehicle are parked in their appropriate designated areas in the church premise. They help pick up parishioners that are in need of ride to church and students from the surrounding colleges and universities.
The Department in collaboration with protocol Department helps with security of the perimeters of the church during church services and other ceremonies in the church.
The Department utilizes the church buses and rented vehicles in their daily activities.
Its always a blessing in lending hand to those in need. 1 Timothy 6:18

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4809 Prospectus Drive, Durham NC 27713

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Tel: (919) 484-0707 Fax: (919) 484-0144 Email:

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Prayer Meeting: Tues 11AM Bible Study: Wed 6PM 1st Service (TNL): Sun 9AM 2nd Service: Sun 11AM Jubilee Night:Last fri of the Month 10PM