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Counseling Ministry

The Counseling and mentoring ministry is centered around help, hope and healing. It is a ministry that was added recently to the growing ministries in Jubilee to provide rest, release, resources and restoration to church members and their families.
The ministry has the following sub-departments namely: Bereavement which provides services to widows and widowers and church members who become bereaved at any time, Crisis and conflict, Addiction, Lifeline (Marriage and awesome parents), youths, discipleship and leadership mentoring, and helping hands, illness and terminal disease.
The ministry is made up of dedicated team members who provide their time, resources and compassion to members of Jubilee at various times of need in their lives. We have onsite/offsite meetings throughout the year with impactful and life-changing events. For more information on becoming a member of the ministry, contact the church office to make inquiries.

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