Sundays Service Times: 9:00AM & 11:00AM | 4809 Prospectus Drive. Durham, NC 27713

About JCCI

Jubilee Christian Church International is a worldwide international ministry with its headquarters in Abeokuta, Nigeria in West Africa. We are a church of all nations, all colors, and all tongues proclaiming Jesus our Jubilee.
Rev. (Dr.) Adukunle Adesina is the overseer. He resides in Nigeria with his wife, Rev. (Mrs.) Remi Adesina.

We have churches in West Africa, South Africa, Europe, and North America.

The Story about the Chapel of Victory, Jubilee in NC
Chapel of Victory, located in the fast-growing Research Triangle area was inaugerated on the 19th of August 2000 at Hampton Inn, Chapel Hill, by the will of God. The first service was held the following day at the Aqueduct conference center at Chapel Hill. God was there…
Since that very first day, the Lord has been speaking and confirming His Word to the leadership and the members. We later moved Sunday services to Homewood Suites located on Miami Boulevard. Finding a site was quite a challenge but God was faithful. On December 31, 2000, we ushered in a new era having our night watch service at 4823 Meadow Drive and continued to grow and expand until we ran out of space and had to move the Church office out to 100 Meredith Drive. The Church grew and expanded at this location until we moved out end of April 2013 to 4809 Prospectus Drive, where we are today.

The Mandate for Chapel of Victory, NC
It is a new season as we – RESET, RENEW, RELAUNCH
The Chapel of Victory is placed in this community to give:
» Rest from Your Struggles
» Release from the Afflications of the devil
» Restoration of What the devil has Stolen from Men and Women
» Resources That You Need in Life

The Building
This Church sits on 4.57 acres and the building itself is about 25,000 square feet. It comprises of the sanctuary that sits about 500 people with a kitchen beside it, a grand hall for reception and fellowship with a capacity for 500 seats with tables (banquet style), 2-story level that comprises of 6 office spaces, 7 classrooms downstairs and 15 classrooms upstairs that are unfinished.

Our Vision
To see the gospel of Jesus (our Jubilee) preached in every continent of the world that men be reconciled back to their Creator, liberated from the oppression of the devil and prepared for the second coming of Christ.

Our Mission
To raise an army of mature, rooted and grounded believers, infuse the vision into them and release them to other parts of the world to do the same.
To pursue the vision via every available medium as the Lord leads and provides the means.
To Minister to the needs of the people spiritually, materially, financially and to teach them how to use the Word of God to improve the quality of their lives Spirit, Soul and Body.